crescendo focus clip3

I am a writer. I am a musician. This is my story. This is my song.

I am a wife. I am a mother. I am saved by the grace of Jesus Christ.

I pray my life will be used to edify His Bride, the Church.

And I pray God will be glorified in everything as I live focused on forever, not just the here-and-now. You see, I have most graciously been given the gift of eternal life, through Jesus Christ my Savior. I pray I can live daily in light of this reality, this new life I have been given.

So here is how this is going to work…

Each of my posts will be a crescendo.

I’ll start with a story, a memory, or some other random glimpse of who I am. It will be labeled with one of three “piano” dynamic markings – pp, mp, or p.

pp represents my role as Mommy… for obvious reasons 😉

mp represents my role as Wife to Pavlos… you know, m for me, Meg, or Meggan, P for Pav, Pavlos or… Prince Charming, 😉

p represents plain ol’ me… and any topic about me not directly related to my two major life roles earlier in the crescendo 😉

Did I just wink after each description line? Wow, that I did. There you go, something more about me right off the bat. I overuse smiley emoticons. My poor college professors even found them in my class papers, oops. (Consciously avoiding not adding a smiley to the end of this comment…but who says I can’t include it in my parenthesis, yay! :-))

Anyway, back to being serious.

After each piano (or mezzo piano, or pianissimo) story, there will be three further sections of my crescendo focused post:

mf – Christ is my forte. So what does it look like when Christ is added to Meg’s “piano” story?

f – This is my overflow section. A place where I will hopefully, more often than not, share something that Christ has inspired ME to create… a song, a poem? Otherwise I may simply share anything that has inspired or encouraged me.

ff – Finally, the Forever Focus. I want to live my life with the “end” in sight. Meaning that actually, I live as if the end of this life isn’t the end at all. Instead, It’s an infinitely short time in preparation for eternity. Reading Paul David Tripp’s book, Forever, has been an important reminder to consciously live with an eternal perspective, so I hope to close each post with a summary sentence or two that intentionally sets my focus on eternity.

Now I’ve described my sections of writing, but I want to highlight the “crescendo” behind these sections:

pp, mp, or p = I must decrease;

mf = He must increase!

f = May the church be edified,

ff = And God glorified!

I want to share from my heart, from my unique story and personality the Lord has given me. But I’m simply at the tiny beginning point of the crescendo. If this blog was all about me, it wouldn’t have as much valuable benefit to any reader. Therefore, I pray that my crescendo focus will direct my readers to God, and not me. “He must increase, and I must decrease.” John 3:30

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