The Brevity of Life

This evening before getting ready for bed, I opened my Facebook page to send an important message. Then before closing Facebook, I also took a quick glance at the first couple stories on my Facebook Newsfeed. A photo caught my eye. It was tagged #chemocam. I looked at the beautiful young lady in the chair and recognized her from nearly a decade ago in my college days. Intrigued, I snooped around a bit further to discover her caringbridge page and catch up on her story.
The short version is, she was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. A young woman in her late 20s. Married for just short of four years. Just had her first child less than three months ago. And then no more than a month ago noticed a lump that led to last week’s discovery of cancer that has spread throughout her body.
I think it’s obvious that this was definitely way outside of the expectations she had for this season of her life. There are so many things we so often take for granted and just assume will happen in the way we hope and expect them to, but then sometimes our circumstances take an out of the blue unexpected turn, and we’re forced to deal with what comes.
Can we prepare for such moments? I think it’s naive to say such shocking, hard challenges that come can be prepared for in such a way that facing them will be “easy.” At the same time, I think the perspective with which we’re living our daily life can have an important impact on how we’ll deal with such jarring turn of events.
The words of a song I wrote seven years ago better express the conclusion I want to draw from these thoughts, so without further ado, I hope these words bless and encourage you as they have me.

By Your Side – A dialogue between God and I…

What is this life, if not lived for you
And what is my goal for each day
If I don’t listen to what you say…

“Seek first my face
And look for me here in this place
…I’m right by your side”

This life is too short, to be driftin’ off course
So give us the grace for today,
And we’ll let you worry ‘bout tomorrow
‘Cause you said…

“Seek first my face
And look for me here in this place
I’m right by your side…

“I’m not tryin’ to hide
Just open your eyes
Let me be your guide
And make the world ask why…

“And remember I said…
Seek first my face
And look for me here in this place, ’cause
I’m all around you, yeah
Let me astound you, whoa
Remember I’m the one who found you,
And I’ll stick closely by your side
And I’ll help my name to be lifted high…
Oh way up high!”